Researcher Spotlight

Dr. Benjamin Ong

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Benjamin Ong Modern supercomputers offer millions of processors that can be leveraged, in parallel, to solve equations that model the world we live in. To utilize these supercomputers for solving these equations, a new generation of algorithms that are efficient, highly concurrent (i.e., many floating point operations are computed at the same time) and fault tolerant are required.

Dr. Ong’s research focuses on developing and analyzing fault-resilient parallel algorithms for solving these equations on supercomputers constructed using next-generation architectures, including Nvidia GPUs, Intel Xeon PHIs and other energy efficient architectures. As part of this ongoing work, Dr. Ong maintains several software packages that compute a parallel-in-time solution of differential algebraic equations, and a parallel fast-summation solver for approximating integral solutions.

For more information, please visit Dr. Ong's website.