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High-Performance Computing refers to the practice of pooling up computing power so as to deliver a considerably higher performance than one could expect out of a typical general purpose desktop workstation to solve large and complex problems.

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Annual proactive maintenance

In order to ensure that Superior and Portage continue to operate consistently at a high level, IT will be performing proactive maintenance work starting at 8 am on Tuesday, 5th May 2014.

All nodes -- including the front end, login and storage nodes -- will need to be powered down. Any running simulation at that time will be automatically terminated without


Researcher Spotlight

Dr. Adrienne Minerick
Professor, Chem. Engg

Dr. Minerick's research is focused on electrokinetics with an emphasis on medical microdevices ...


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Dr. Robert Handler, @MichiganTech’s Operations Manager of Sustainable Futures Institute, bringing sustainability in…