Account Request

The principal investigator (PI) must be a faculty at Michigan Technological University or a research scientist at Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI).

Depending on the nature of the user population and the list of requested resources, it can take up to two weeks for the proposal to be reviewed. An in-person meeting with the PI may be necessary to understand the scope and feasibility of the project in our HPC infrastructure.

The PI will be notified once the proposal has been reviewed and approved.


Named after the greatest of the Great Lakes, Superior is Michigan Tech's biggest shared HPC infrastructure dedicated for computational arts, science and engineering research projects.

A PI seeking accounts for their research group in Superior must submit a proposal to

The necessary LaTeX and MS Word templates is available for download here. One may also clone the GitHub repository in lieu of downloading the zipped folder.


Named after the waterway that cuts across the Keweenaw Peninsula, the Portage Canal, Portage is a miniature version of Superior. It is intended for education (course work and senior design projects) and preliminary research projects involving public and non-sponsored data.

A PI seeking accounts for their research group (or course or senior design team) in Portage must send a brief proposal via email to

Project title (or course number and name), abstract (or course description), and list of users (include their ISO username, status - undergraduate or graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, visitng scholar, external collaborator, etc. - are necessary.