Researcher Spotlight

Dr. Gregory Odegard

Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Gregory Odegard Dr. Odegard’s research is focused on the computational modeling of advanced engineering materials. His research group uses computational chemistry simulation techniques to design new materials with improved mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. One area of his research addresses the design of improved lightweight composites for aerospace applications. By simulating the molecular-level behavior of nano-particle reinforced polymer composites, new materials can be developed that are stronger and longer lasting. These models have been experimentally validated with the help of Dr. Julie King's research group.

Another area of research is focused on the modeling of Li-ion battery materials. By simulating the lithiation process of different battery cathode materials, new materials can be designed with optimal Li-ion charging capacity. The simulations also provide physical insight into the direct observations made by Dr. Reza Shahbazian Yassar's research group using advanced imaging techniques.

Finally, his research is also addressing the design of new aluminum alloys with improved mechanical and electrical properties. In conjunction with Dr. Paul Sanders, molecular simulations are being used to examine different levels of various alloying elements to optimize electrical conductivity for the power-transmission industry and mechanical properties for improved compressed natural gas tanks for the automotive industry.

For more information, please visit Dr. Odegard's Computational Mechanics & Materials Research Laboratory.